Wall of Time Overview

The Wall of Time is a popular graphic that helps the understanding of historical arguments as seen in the filmĀ Patterns of Evidence: The Exodus. This timeline clarifies how events in the Bible relate to the history of Egypt and Canaan. Since there are disputes about what dates to assign to all of these histories, the base of the wall contains a fixed line of absolute dates that never move, with large pylons at the 1000-year marks.


Wall of Time Levels Explained

  • Egyptian history is depicted on the lower level of the wall. Egypt had three powerful kingdom periods that were each followed by dark ages of chaos, weakness and instability.
  • Biblical history is placed on the middle section of the wall with the sequence of six major events from the Exodus account.
  • Events in Canaan are seen on the upper third of the wall. The time periods in Canaan from around the time of the Exodus are known as the Middle Bronze Age and the Late Bronze Age.

Events on these three different levels can shift relative to the dates at the bottom based on evidence explored in the investigation. This can allow them to line up with each other in new ways, which may show much greater support for the history in the Bible and for other ancient historical accounts as well.