We are very excited about the film debut of Patterns of Evidence: The Exodus that happened on May 4th at a special premiere showing in Weilburg, Germany near Frankfurt. The audience was treated to an entirely German version of the film and much positive reaction was received. A talented team led by Martin Severin of Inter Cube worked tirelessly to produce a version of the film that is now available on DVD. German actors provided professional voiceovers for the characters in the film and all the graphics were also converted into German.

A German version of the Patterns of Evidence website has also been constructed, complete with German versions of many of the trailers.

This German version of the film has also had exposure in Switzerland, and contacts in Austria cause us to be encouraged about it making inroads there as well. This is on top of TV deals already in place for the Netherlands, Poland, Denmark and Australia. It is our hope that more countries will follow, as the impact of the film continues to expand.