After a month of fan voting, the documentary Patterns of Evidence: Exodus won Christian Cinema’s 2nd Annual Christian Movie Madness Competition over large-scale theatrical releases War Room and 90 Minutes in Heaven. In the Movie Madness Competition—which takes its form from the NCAA’s March Madness—fans vote for a winner amongst the top 32 films of 2015. Films up for the award included War Room, Little Boy, Beyond the Mask, Faith of Our Fathers, Do You Believe, Patterns of Evidence, The 33, Woodlawn, 90 Minutes in Heaven, and The Drop Box, among others.

“I am really pleased and surprised by the win,” says Co-Writer and Director Tim Mahoney. “This wouldn’t have been possible without the passionate and supportive fans of Patterns of Evidence.” Mahoney further credits the evidence in the documentary and a successful social media push during the competition for the win. “It takes time for an unknown film to break through,” he says, “but more people are seeing it now and sharing their excitement with others. That’s why we won this competition.”

Bobby Downes, co-founder and CEO of, also notes the fans’ importance in the competition. “At the beginning of the competition, there were clear favorites,” says Downes. “But, the beauty of Christian Movie Madness is that the fans’ involvement makes all of the difference!”

Executive Producer David Wessner added, “This win says that there’s great enthusiasm for a well-crafted and entertaining film that traces a thinking person’s path to belief in the historical reality of the Bible.”

In second place was War Room, the Kendrick Brothers film that dominated the Christian box office in 2015, featuring powerful performances by Priscilla Shirer, T.C. Stallings, and Karen Abercrombie.

Amazon Customer

“Powerful!!!! Definitely opened my mind and perspectives!!!!”

Rene M.

“Love this documentary! I have shared it with others. It was a real faith builder for me. Thanks for all the hard work putting it together!”

Scott Osborn

“I have been teaching Old Testament History for 30 years. It is with that experience that I say that this is the single-most incredible compilation of physical apologetics of my lifetime.”

Katy Dornberger Waldrop

“Our family loves to watch this over and over! Can’t wait for the next one!”

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