Finding the Israelites in Goshen: The David Rohl Lectures – Part 2

In Part 2 of our video series highlighting segments of the “The David Rohl Lectures,” we examine some of the finds made at the ancient city of Avaris. Despite the claims made by many that there is no evidence of the early Israelites in Egypt, David Rohl covers specific evidence matching the Bible’s account of the arrival of Jacob’s family in the Nile Delta during the Middle Bronze Age. Many of David’s ideas were seen in the film Patterns of Evidence: The Exodus.Rohl-Lecture-Part2-1920-play-

The site of Avaris lies underneath (and therefore is several centuries older than) the city of Rameses built by the famous pharaoh of Egypt’s 19th Dynasty. Because the name “Rameses” is mentioned in the Bible, many scholars have restricted their search for the biblical Exodus to his time (conventionally dated to the 1200s BC). The problem for the Exodus account is that there is no evidence for large numbers of Semitic people (the cultural group that the Israelites were part of) in the city built by Pharaoh Ramesses II. However, Avaris was a city teeming with Semites.

The problems for the Exodus story at the time of Rameses II are not limited to the Arrival step of the biblical sequence. Of the six major steps of Arrival, Multiplication, Slavery, Judgment, Exodus, and Conquest, the time of Ramesses II has strong physical evidence matching the Bible for none of them. On the other hand, the earlier Middle Bronze Age (during Egypt’s Middle Kingdom) has powerful evidence matching all six of the steps. This makes this evidence for Arrival at Avaris even more intriguing.

The Wall of Time depicting the 6 major steps of the biblical sequence on its middle level. This sequence is set to an Exodus date of about 1450 BC (200 years before the time of Ramesses II), based on 1 Kings 6:1. This image highlights the apparent discrepancy between the sequence and the physical evidence matching the 6 steps seen in the Middle Bronze Age, which is displayed on the first and third levels of the wall. Click here for an overview of the Wall of Time.

The David Rohl Lecture Series

Many people who watch Patterns of Evidence: The Exodus come away wanting to know more about David Rohl and his ideas. In this video series we look deeper into David’s proposals which he presents in “The David Rohl Lectures.”