I spent 12 years asking the question, “Is the Bible true?”  If it wasn’t then what should I put my faith in? What I found was an amazing pattern of evidence that matched many of the events recorded in the Bible. There was a real history that could be seen. For me that changed everything. I encourage you to join me in the ongoing investigation and see the Bible affirming evidence for yourself. –Timothy

Robin Calcara

“My brain exploded.  My soul was encouraged.”

Sabrina Moore

“I didn’t need proof.  But I got proof.  Awesome.  Just awesome.”

Dennis Prager

“I think it’s going to be a sea change in the way that people understand the Jews in Egypt…It’s an enormous achievement.”

Dwight Oswald

“This is off the charts GREAT!…The discussion about this research is going to be around for a very LONG time.”

Kim Temple Kaufman

“It was amazing!…I can’t believe my new favorite movie is a documentary.”

Carol Williams

“The best money I have ever spent on a movie…It’s a masterful, balanced work.”

David Asfour

“As a biologist I was very pleased at the straightforward and scientific approach of this documentary.”

Phillip Anderson

“This may have been the best use that I have put 3 hours to in the last 10 years.”

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Cairo Statue Not likely to be Ramesses II

When we report on current events, we run the risk of reporting premature conclusions. We are sharing only what we know so far, and as more evidence is uncovered, a better understanding of the facts may be reached. Last week we shared some news about an exciting discovery. A colossal 26-foot statue was recovered from the mud in Cairo. What was especially exciting was that archaeologists at the site believed it to be a statue of the famous Pharaoh Ramesses II. However, after more of the statue was excavated and examined, it was determined that their original theory was wrong.

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Enormous statue of Ramesses II Found! Further Evidence of Exodus Timing?

A massive quartzite statue of what is likely the Egyptian ruler, Ramesses II was discovered in the modern city of Cairo, which was built over the ancient city of Heliopolis. The surprising discovery was made by archaeologists from Egypt and Germany. The dig had begun in 2012 and was almost finished. They thought the pit would be empty, but instead an amazing discovery was made!

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Can Sheep Provide Evidence for the Bible?

Evidence doesn’t always come out of the ground or from an ancient building. Sometimes it can be seen in creation and living things around us; like a particular breed of sheep. Jacob sheep look quite different than the image that comes to mind for most people when they hear the word “sheep.” More than likely, what comes to mind is a group of plump animals bleating on the hillside of a green English pasture, with solid white coats.

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The Roman Armies breached the walls of Jerusalem

Archaeologists have found remnants of a wall, believed to be the Third Wall of Jerusalem. This physical evidence likely puts to rest the debate about its location and gives additional insight to “The Fall of Jerusalem,” which occurred in AD 70 when Roman armies dug a trench and besieged the city.

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Copper Smelting Site from the Time of King David

A gatehouse has been uncovered during recent excavations at an ancient mining camp in southern Israel. The building dates back to the 10th century B.C. and includes donkey stables. The gatehouse was unearthed at a hilltop archaeological site in the Timna Valley known...

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Is the history found in the Bible real? Is it fact or fiction? What does the hard evidence really have to say about the foundational story of the Old Testament: the Exodus out of Egypt?

Filmmaker Timothy Mahoney faces a crisis of faith, “Is this foundational event of the Bible really just a myth?” He embarks on a 12-year journey around the world to search for answers. Patterns of Evidence: The Exodus unlocks the mystery of this ancient saga, combining a scientific investigation with a retelling of the Exodus story to reveal an amazing pattern of evidence matching the biblical account that may challenge our understanding of history.